Saturday, August 14, 2010

Making Devonshire Cream from Raw Milk

One of my favorite rituals when I go to England is to have tea. "Tea" in England means an entire spread of cakes, sandwiches and other assorted goodies to go along with the tea. Devon cream spread on scones is one of the most sinful and scrumptious parts of high tea.

Traditional English High Tea Staple Can Be Made at Home

If you have ever had High Tea (or cream tea) in England, you have experienced the amazing abundance of scones, fresh jams and jellies, and other treats. One item that is never left out at teatime is Devon cream, also called- less appetizingly- clotted cream.

Devonshire cream is a thick, simmered cream that ends up thicker than whipping cream and with a naturally sweeter taste. It often tops scones and baps along with berry jam.



Carol G. said...

I tried to get here an hour ago (Saturday.) Suddenly, I find this on the screen. Now, I forgot what I wanted to say.

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Keep up the good work however you do it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, "high tea" in England is an early evening meal, the kind Americans call dinner. Alternatively it is a drink. What you are talking about is afternoon tea or a cream tea. :)